20" x 24" Custom Oil Painting Portrait!

20" x 24" Custom Oil Painting Portrait!



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Imagine having a timeless and stunning oil painting portrait of your loved ones to hang above the mantel. Consider an elegant portrait of the man or lady of the house, or a portrait of your child before they head to kindergarten. Include your entire immediate family if you please. Master Portrait Artist Donald Robert Sayles specializes in giving clients a unique portrait that reflects the person’s essence on a piece of canvas. INCLUDED: -Photo session at your home in the continental United States -20" x 24" custom oil painting portrait of the subject's head and shoulders (frame not included) -Include your entire immediate family members as subjects. Extended family may be added for a fee. -Shipping of the portrait You will be part of the entire process of selecting the background setting, clothing and artist style. A contracted photographer will visit your home to capture poses for the artist. Location: Multiple Details: 20" x 24" Custom Oil Painting Portrait!, Valid at multiple locations Restrictions: Frame not included. Upgrades to a larger canvas available for a fee. Include extended family or other mixed groups as subjects for a fee. Valid only within the continental United States. Certificate expires 12 months after event date. Valid: Valid for a variety of dates throughout the year

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