Authentic Dude Ranch Experience for Two

Authentic Dude Ranch Experience for Two

Wickenburg, AZ

Wickenburg, AZ

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Experience this 3-Night Getaway for Two to Kay El Bar Dude Ranch. Well before Wickenburg, Arizona became known as “The Dude Ranching Capital of the World,” Kay El Bar was welcoming guests. In fact, it was the first in 1918. Kay El Bar has offered an authentic dude ranch experience for over 100 years. From the Homestead House, built in 1914, to the large adobe lodge, built in 1926, Kay El Bar offers the best of a cherished Arizona tradition. Ride the trails, enjoy the pool and whirlpool spa, hike, or rest in the lodge living room. Whatever you want, you will find peace and relaxation at your own pace. INCLUDES: -3-Night Accommodation for 2 Guests -Daily Meals -Horseback Riding Details: 3 nights / 1 bedrooms / Sleeps up to 2 Restrictions: Not available on holiday weeks: Thanksgiving, Christmas/New Years and Easter. Must book package within 18 months of purchase. Valid: Valid for a wide range of dates throughout the year

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